Rules and Regulations

Futher Notes:

Misrepresented Information:
Participants must not give distorted data or points of interest on their Registration Form. In the event that it is set up that a participant has given false data then this will prompt example expulsion from the Pageant and striping for her Title. The Delegate will be require to restore all prizes granted and this will be given to the second Runner Up will's identity the successor to the Title.

Adult Chaperone:
No matter what: All Contestants younger than 18 years MUST have Adult Chaperone with them at all practices, camps, occasions and backstage at the occasion. The Chaperone ticket that has been given to you ought to be utilized for this reason as it were. Under no condition are they allowed to go to any social occasion, preparing or occasion without anyone else's input. Grown-up individuals will be required to sign in on landing in all occasions.

Name and Likeness:
Participants understand and give permission and consent for my name, image, likeness, and voice to be used without charge for all publicity and commercial purposes.

Titleholder's Responsibility:
You concur that, in the event that you neglect to work or live up the desire of a Titleholder or hold fast to the principles, controls and terms or commitments about, this could bring about your exclusion as a Titleholder together with the quick return of all prizes granted, money prizes and your crown and band. Moreover, ought to the Titleholder neglect to work, satisfy the desire or does not behave comparable with that of a Titleholder, or does not cling to the guidelines, controls and terms or commitments in this regard, at that point this could bring about her preclusion as a Titleholder together with the prompt return of all prizes granted, money prizes and your crown and band.

Backstage Access:
No family or companions will be permitted in the changing areas the evening of event. Just the pre-endorsed Adult Female Chaperones wearing their assigned security band will be given access backstage to help their girls.

Video and Cameras:
We will give an expert videographer to record the Pageant. This will be provided free to the participants from the website. Along these lines, by no means will there be allowed any videoing or recording of the occasion in the amphitheatre.

Criminal Activities:
Representatives MUST NOT have a CRIMINAL RECORD or have been associated with any illicit exercises that will, in any capacity, shame the name of the event. Practices, Meetings and Training Sessions: Representatives MUST go to all practices, instructional courses and attend occasions to secure their cooperation in the exhibition. Consistent delay and unlucky deficiencies will bring about the Delegates being excluded from the event.

All Finalists give authorization for their name and similarity to be utilized as a part of conjunction with any exposure to do with the event and furthermore consent to be met by the press and related media should the circumstance emerge.

Titleholder's Responsibility:
All Titleholders will transmit all the positive traits required by the association and should introduce the PAGEANT framework in their most ideal light. They will hold their title for a time of one year and must be accessible to go to the following year's Finals to crown the new victor/s. They will also represent Divas at international beauty pageants such as Earth pageant,United nations Pageant, Asia pacific Pageant, Eco International pageant, etc..

Any Delegates who can't partake in the exhibition MUST give no less than 4 week's composed notice preceding the expo in order to give the open door for another challenger to participate. If you don't mind Note: Any Deposit or Registration Fee paid won't be refundable or transferable.

It is basic that all pieces of clothing, resources and any individual property be conveyed to the show in a "Lockable" bag obviously set apart with your name. The Pageant association won't be considered in charge of any harm of loss of property that may emerge. It is the sole duty of the Adult Chaperone to guarantee that all resources and pieces of clothing are directed for the duration of the day.

All principles can be changed by the Pageant Director as considered proper.


To be eligible for this contest, Divas must receive from the contestants the following:

For further details please mail on or contact +(91)9157311150