Welcome DIVAS

Most Dignified Pageant DIVAS

Welcome to Divas, one of the most prestigious beauty pageant for women of all ages. We are proud in bringing DIVAS to India to celebrate the brain and beauty of Indian women. The DIVAS is a World Beauty Pageant which is an effort to acknowledge today's Indian women and will turn into a vehicle for self-awareness and advancement of social appreciation.

Our first delegate is Binny(Binal) Bhatt who won the title of MS India 2018 at Divas Ms./Mrs. Pageant 2018.

She owns an event management company in Ahmedabad. She also runs an NGO which helps the underprivileged children to study and dream.

In June, Our first ever queen, Binny(Binal) Bhatt is going to represent Divas Pageant with the title MS India Earth International in MS and Mrs. Earth pageant at Las Vegas. The pageant is going to take place from June 6th to 12th. She will be the face of all Indian women who believe in themselves and trust their potential.

Binny Bhatt - Charity Ambassador